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We all know running is good for us. It improves the way we feel and look. Our hearts get stronger, our minds clearer and it helps us maintain the weight that we sit most comfortably at.

A Beginner's Guide to Running

As simple as running may be, it certainly isn’t easy. Especially when you’re a beginner. ‘You have to start where you are, not where you think you should be,’ says running coach and exercise physiologist Janet Hamilton. ‘If you go further or faster than you’re ready for, your body can’t adapt quickly enough and you’ll get injured.’ That’s why, with plans designed by highly experienced coach Sam Murphy, we’ve developed a five-part programme to take you from your very first steps to stepping up for your first race. So, are you ready?
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Couch To 5k

Couch to 5k is a running plan for beginners, consisting of a nine-week programme of podcasts that does exactly what it says on the tin - taking you from the couch to running 5kms. Including three runs a week, the programme gradually builds up intensity and gives you a choice of coaches - from the NHS's Laura, to multiple Olympic champion Michael Johnson.
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Discover The Great Run

Great Run Solo virtual running distance challenges are designed to keep you racking up the miles over a 7 or 28 day period. Challenges start on a Monday, so you can choose to start on the Monday just gone, or the next Monday in the calendar. Each challenge costs £10 to join – your entry fee includes a unique finishers medal, access to training plans & tips, and support throughout the challenge.
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The Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club gives you the guidance, inspiration and innovation you need to become a better athlete. Join the Nike team to reach your goals and have fun along the way. This free running app includes: - GPS run tracking - studio-guided runs and weekly challenges - Customised coaching plans help you achieve your goals.
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Find A Running Club Or Group Near You

RunTogether Led by qualified group leaders, the emphasis is on having fun in a friendly and welcoming environment, whether you have never run before and want to join one of our walk-jog sessions or you’re looking for a more challenging session, we provide a range of options.
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